5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use GameMaker or Construct for iOS Programming.

With the introduction of iDevices, most new programmers will look for a way to create a game or app with as little work as possible. While GameMaker and Construct offer excellent introductions into these worlds, true programmers tend to avoid them. Here’s why:

5. It’s Expensive

As of this writing, Construct is currently $299 per year. Game Maker has an odd price structure, forcing you to pay a monthly fee. With Apple’s developer fee costing $99 per year, one can’t help but wonder why the “King of Overpricing” is being outdone by these small companies. Don’t plan on making too much money either, because it’s both apps require you to pay a royalty.

4. It’s Slow

Developing any application using a third-party tool can cause some performance issues.. Using native Objective-C programming (and a SpriteKit) API eliminates the middle-man and works directly with your device’s hardware.

3. It’s Buggy

When you rely on someone else to do your programming, you don’t oversee the entire project. Game Maker had a glitch with character maps that was eventually fixed after several years, but users of the application were forced to create a workaround. Programming the code directly means that your problems are YOURS and not some other developer.

2. It’s Dumnening

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be a game programmer. Start with a basic tutorial and see how it goes. There are hundreds of tutorials available for SpriteKit programming and it’s still growing. Also, most employers (game companies) want source code at the end of a project, not a bunch of silly files.

1. It Limits Creativity

The most important factor. When you use a third party application instead of direct programming, you are limited to the tools and features offered by the application; you are basically giving complete control of your game to another company. This is especially true for the most basic special effects (such as transparency) where the price is jacked up to support these features.