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Flat Pack, a 2D Game on a 3D Cube

Nitrome has been releasing amazing 2-dimensional games with fantastic art in the last few years. Now they are putting their 2D game knowledge into a 3D cube! The cube comprises of a series of levels that must be completed in order to win the game.

Did someone say rubix cube?

The game looks great so far, and collecting the multitude of coins will certainly snare the casual gaming market.

Are you excited about the game? Let me know in the comments!

Hidden Dinosaur Game Proves Google Chrome is No Fossil



If you’ve encountered a network issue with Google Chrome, you no longer have to wait in agony while the network returns to normal. Simply click the little dinosaur icon and press “up” on the keyboard and you will be presented with a 2D run-and-jump platformer, complete with hi-score keeping.

Google’s interest in 2D-Style games as Easter Eggs in its products has never ceased to amaze us. Keep it up, Google!

McPiglet Prototype Preview

demoCheck out this small technical preview to McPiglet. Demonstrates basic touch controls but you can also use the keyboard. Designed in Construct for easy viewing. The final version is technically quite different.