Video Review: Goblin Sword (iOS)

There’s no shortage of linear platformer games on mobile devices, and Gelato Game’s “Goblin Sword” adds an interesting entry into a nearly saturated market. But what separates Goblin Sword from the other entries? Let’s find out.


There are several worlds consisting of about 18 levels in each area. The levels are completed in a linear fashion with the next level unlocking after defeating the one before it. If you get stuck on a level, you can go to a different area to take a break. There are 3 blue crystals hidden deep within the bowels of each level. There are also treasure chests that contain either a weapon or a souvenir that is added to your home area. The souvenirs are useless but act as a sort of trophy while the weapons and power-ups are extremely helpful in completing the game.

These items are hidden throughout the levels and finding these hidden areas can be tricky; some walls are hollow and can be walked through, but this isn't obvious until you walk right next to them.


The controls are well laid out and can be fully customized. If you find the controls difficult to see, you can control the level of transparency by swiping a slider left or right. The B button is used to jump and the A button activates your weapon. You always have the ability to double-jump, but eventually you'll encounter my personal favourite item - boots that allow you to triple jump.


The visuals in the game are reminiscence of the 16-bit era of gaming from the early to mid-90's. The side scrolling is smooth. The main character, as well as enemy sprites are well animated. The big bosses are nicely drawn. When the player dies, he simply blows up into a fiery smoke. All of the visuals are slightly blocky, but this appear to be intentional to give the game a classic feel.


The difficulty ranges from easy to hard. The first few levels give the player a sort of tutorial to get started. Some levels can be completed quickly while others will take some quick reflexes. Some thinking will be involved in solving the puzzles for the side quests, but this is mostly an action-oriented game. Each weapon has a hidden power that can be unlocked by obtaining the orb, a blue sphere that appears randomly in the game. The quick power up comes in really handy at many points in the game.


The fantastic soundtrack within the game gives atmosphere to the specific area that you are in. The sound effects are consistent and match the expected action. The title screen simply has the sound of wind blowing which I find sets the tone for the quest that lies ahead.


There are 46 side quests and multiple endings making the replay value of the game very high. Even if you beat the game, you can go back and finish up the mini quests. The powerups obtained after collecting a lot of coins make the game easier and more fun to repeat. You have the option to reset the game and start over once you've completed the game. I would have liked to reset the game and keep my powerups though.

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