Archibald’s Adventures 2

Strategy games similar to Abe’s Oddessy seem to be few and far between on iOS, but Archibald’s Adventures brings the strategic adventure platform us 2D fans love.

I liked the touch-screen controls; when you need to use your only sub-item (a sticky bubble), you simply hit the bubble icon. If you happen to be in an area where you can’t use the bubble the translucent button is not visible.

This applies to when you can’t navigate up or down as well, with the exception that the “up” and “down” arrows are about 25% more translucent. The bubble can carry boxes, bombs, push buttons, and get to places Archibald can’t. Be careful though, because touching a picky spike or enemy will cause the bubble to pop.

Graphics are bright and colourful with plenty of eye candy to analyze while playing. I’d have liked to see sharp retina-display graphics, but that will have to wait until Archibald Adventures 2 (yes the project has been revived). One tiny imperfection (only a 2D nerd would care about) is that the bubble uses dithering instead of alpha blending. We know how tricky alpha-blending can be, but come on! It’s a secondary character.

Difficulty ranges from very easy to very hard. The first few levels are designed like a tutorial with a few helpful hints on mini-computer screens. One bug to watch out for: Level 3-11 seems to be missing collision detection on the far-right. You could wind up going right through the side of the wall and crashing the game.

Sound effects are pure awesomeness. When you get close to a certain machine, you hear stereotypical computer sounds along with (what sounds like) a dot-matrix printer firing off a page. When Archibald crashes his vehicle, you hear a loud sound of glass smashing. The music, although repetitive, is excellent and matches the gameplay.

All in all, I love this game…if anyone knows a similar game, post it in the comments!

Oh..and hurry up and finish the sequal RakeInGrass!

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