Cat Quest: A 2D Adventure for Kitty Fans

Although I admittedly love cats, I was somewhat skeptical about the upcoming iOS game, Cat Quest. Is this games the cat’s meow, or will it leave you with cat scratch fever?

Cat Quest is a brilliant sandbox-world isometric role playing game, where you play the role of a armoured kitty. From the first level on, you’ll complete epic quests, fight bad doggies and large bosses all while gathering some much needed money known as kitty coins.

The game is huge with more than sixty missions to bust through, as well as a paw-full of powerups and side quests to keep you engaged. Keep a lookout for Easter Eggs as well (spoiler: it’s meow-tastic).

Cat Quest is slated for the summer of 2017 and will be available on Apple iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and possibly the PS4. We are hsss-cited about it!

  • stratusdodge

    Looks purrr-fect!