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Dear fellow game designer,

Do you love playing games on your iPhone? Have you tried making a game with a third-party application only to find that the end result was a clunky prototype that actually costs you more and more money to produce?

What many programmers don't know is that Apple provides the absolute best tools to produce iOS games and it's completely FREE! That's right - all you need is a Mac to start developing high-quality games. 

With Learn SpriteKit, you'll discover how to develop and publish your very own iOS game. Each chapter is packed with step-by-step tutorials and amazing tips & tricks to help turn your imagination into a full-fledged game.




Jamie Brennan

Why Learn SpriteKit?

SpriteKit, combined with XCode and Swift are suite of free tools released by Apple that allows anyone to easily create a game (or graphical App) for iOS. This includes iPhone, iPod, iPad and iWatch. Learn SpriteKit will allow you to jump-start the game creation process by simplifying and explaining in detail each step of the process. Fully updated as of February 2016.

Best of all, you can run your games on your iPhone, iPad, or iWatch without purchasing an Apple Developer account!

800 Million Users
That's a big audience. There's never been a better time to join the thousands of developers building apps for iOS.
Easy to Learn
Swift is one of the easiest new programming languages to pick up. Apple has made it clear that Swift is the wave of the future.
No Royalties
When you learn SpriteKit + Swift, you don't have to pay any recurring fees to third-party software vendors. The games you make become your intellectual property.

Chapter Summary

Chapter 1 – Introduction: The first chapter in your game design journey provides an introduction into the world of iOS and SpriteKit. You’ll also learn how to set up and configure XCode for the first time.

Chapter 2 – Sprites & Nodes: Here you’ll discover how to implement sprites and nodes into your very first game. You’ll learn about visual effects such as rotating, scaling, and positioning.

Chapter 3 – Physics: Learn how to apply physical characteristics to nodes and see how objects on the screen can interact with each other.

Chapter 4 – Control: In this chapter, you’ll discover touch screen controls, multi-touch and how to handle actions when touches begin and end.

Chapter 5 – Interactions & Gameplay: Add exciting elements to your game that will enhance the playability, challenge and fun factor.

Chapter 6 – Sound: Add some personality to your game with catchy music and sound effects. Create a continuously looping theme song for specific levels.

Chapter 7 – Scenes & Levels: Add multiple levels and scenes to your game allowing you to increase the challenge and keep the player entertained. 

Chapter 8 – Particle Effects: Enhance your game by adding stunning visual effects included with SpriteKit.

Chapter 9 – Publishing & Finalizing: Add some gloss to your game and learn how to publish it in the App Store.

What's Included?

Here's what's included:

The Book
You'll dive in to iOS Game Development from the very first Chapter. The book is in PDF format and will be accessible instantly after purchasing. Plus, you'll get free updates for life!
Assets Catalog
All of the backgrounds, environments, and sprites are included for your own use. Access to thousands of free assets included to help you build a unique game of your very own!
Source Code
All of the source code in the book is included for each chapter. Getting stuck on a function? Just load up the source code and see how it was originally done!
You'll be given priority access to the 2DGameWorld forum, where you can get help from other readers as well as direct support from the author! When you've finished your game, you can submit your work of art to our hall of fame!

"Great for Beginners"


I was really surprised at how easy it was to make my own game; the examples [in the book] really made it so much clearer.

E. Gribbon. - Ontario, Canada

"Amazingly Easy to Understand"


I finally got my game published after struggling with XCode for 2 years!

 Hanorah B. - Washington, USA

About the Author

jamieJamie Brennan is a full-time Information Systems Programmer, President of FlashCrest Corporation, and a freelance Information Technology Consultant.