Merge Town: Become a Realtor without Ever Leaving your Home

Merge Town Review

Pick up and play games are becoming more and more popular for the casual game market, and Gram Games’ Merge Town adds a colourful entry into the market. But how does the game hold up in this competitive category? Let’s find out.

The object of merge town is to turn your plot of land into a thriving town. Every now and then you are given a house and your goal is to group these houses to form an even bigger house. The bigger the house, the more money you will earn. With the money that you earn, you can purchase more and more houses.


The graphics in the game are bright and colourful. From the candy cane progress bar to the zippy star effects, the game is very easy on the eyes. The animations are unique and smooth. The layout of the game is very simple. You have a simple green grid surrounded by blue water which makes up your properties. As you progress further in the game, the screen zooms out and the houses become tinier. This doesn’t deter the game though.


As you level up, more spaces are unlocked. The game can get a bit slow when you’re waiting for a unboxed home to unlock. As you merge houses, you will discover new properties such as the duplex suplex, and cabin. These properties are worth more money and will help you progress your game.

Once in a while you’l get the mystery box, which will unlock a property prize. When your property slots are full, you can’t add any more houses, so you’ll need to merge your existing properties to continue.

The game plays in portrait mode, which makes it easy to play with one hand. Here’s a tip: tap the box at the bottom of the screen quickly to spawn more boxes without waiting.

Of course since this is a free to play app, you have the option of purchasing the double gold coin producer, but you also have the option to watch a short video advertisement to gain this power as well.

The random ad banner on the top of the screen was placed so that you don’t accidentally hit it. I really liked that Gram Games placed it this way so as to keep the gameplay uninterrupted, although as a I progressed further in the game, the ads slowly became more and more intrusive.

Watching your empire make money is fun, however progressing far in the game will require time, patience and a lot of screen tapping.


The music is simple and carefree. I’m reminded of candy crush in some cases. The sound effects are a bit repetitive, especially the sound of the homes making money, but it’s well suited to the game. Overall, I really liked the music and sound effects.