Orcs N Monsters: FPS Survival Shooter – How long can you survive?

Survival shooter games that challenge how long you can survive in a game are great time-passers for the mobile devices, and Rare Potion’s Orcs N Monsters: FPS Survival Shooter adds an interesting entry to the market. But does Orcs N Monsters have what it takes to live up to this somewhat classic genre? Let’s find out.

The game begins with a short introduction. The first enemy you’ll encounter is hidden away behind a crate with a wooden appearance. This is your chance to jump into the action and try out your skills.

The graphics are softly shaded yet colorful, which gave the game an early morning sunrise atmosphere.┬áIn a market that’s saturated with zombies, I liked that the developer chose to use Orcs instead. This adds a unique spin on the genre, and makes the game stand out from the crowd.

The controls are laid out in a logical way, but navigating around the area while attempting to shoot down enemies will take some practice. and Even on my rather low-spec Samsung Galaxy J3, I was able to get excellent performance. Although the graphics seem to have a Minecraft-inspired appearance, the areas remains unique and don’t buy in to the full-on lego blocky look. Items are clearly marked by their spinning green indicator. In the same sense, enemies are also visible by looking up and finding their red indicator. The maps are easy to navigate, but the Orcs are sure to get in your way. Finding the right way to open doors and destroying walls is fun. Replenishing your stock is a must to survive, and you might find yourself quickly running out of ammo and looking around for the nearest replenishment point.

Music & Sound Effects
The sound effects coming from the Orcs are a bit silly but only add to the fun factor. The music is atmospheric, although a bit repetitive and I’d like to hear the hard-repeats blended a bit better. Overall, I like the music and sound effects.

Pay Point
The in-app purchases add some really unique content to the game. Purchasing a powerful weapon will really help you zip through the game. Watching a short video advertisement will unlock potions, and you have a choice of really affordable unlockables that will open new levels, weapons, and characters

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