Speedrunner who beat all 714 Nintendo Games is overjoyed, sleepy

Piotr Delgado also known as the “The Mexican Runner” started playing every nintendo game ever made in October of 2014. His long saga ended after jumping on king koopa from Super Mario 3. The challenge was accepted by the academy of Speedrunners association. In celebration of his victory, Delgado dressed up in a red tie and black shirt, a fair wink to koopa from the ill-fated Super Mario Bros movie.

Fans took to twitter after the 3000-hour live recorded challenge and have dubbed Delgado a gaming god, of sorts. The 714 game lineup included all of the games in the north american and PAL library, from the super-common Super Mario Bros to obscure titles such as McPiglet and Little Red Hood.

The record supersedes any speedrun ever recorded. Will Piotr do a Super Nintendo Version? Only time and sleep will tell.