The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review: Unsurpsingly Boring

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is another diluted installment in the long running and ill-fated Zelda franchise. Although the game rings a fair bell to the earlier 2D-based NES games, this one couldn’t be further from its roots. All of the hype for the Switch has caused a massive amount of fanfare, however the game just does not deliver.

The beast that Nintendo has created is a unencompassing out-of-body experience where you find yourself in a crappy 3D universe. The game takes forever to start – you wake up as link who has been sleeping for a 100 years. And it feels like it. Way too many cinematics and not enough gameplay. I felt as though the game tried to make the old man in the black cape was going to give me some sort of flying device, but he forced 3 more orbs out of me. Bait and “switch”, I guess you could say.

As the game finally started to ramp up you hear some of the awful voice acting, dubbed as “quirky”. It’s not cute or funny. The small overworld is blocked by a few bricks and whatnot, as per usual. The storyline, which is to save Hyrule by defating Ganon and saving Princess Zelda is one we’ve all heard before. Why is Nintendo re-hashing a formula that never really worked? Innovation anyone?

The music is a series of lutes and farts, with no clear focus or sense of the world around it.

After a few hours of playing the game, I beat it. The end credits rolled, and I was like whaaat? Let’s hope the switch comes out with some better games, and soon!

Score: 2/10

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