Top 3 Hacks for Super Mario Bros 3

You’ve played the game a million times, but have you ever wondered if there’s more secrets to be discovered? Welcome to the Top 3 hacks for Super Mario Bros 3.

By hacking the game’s memory, you have the ability to change outcomes, give yourself multiple lives, and access areas that were never intended to be explored.

Top 3 hacks in Super Mario Bros. 3


Memory Address: AC3F
Value: 24

Jumping around levels has never been more exciting. With this hack, you can jump continiously in the air. This hack is particualrly effective in areas with that have forced-scrolling and lots of pits to fall down in.


Memory Address: B5DA
Value: 10

Changing the value of memory address B5DA to 10. This glitch allows you to turn any piece of a level into melty ice. Doing so will allow you to access places that were originally intended ot be seen. In Area 1 of the cloud world, [level 5-1], busting through the wall to access the hidden pipe will bring you to an area where you can access a music box. Once in this area, bust through the walls by turning them into ice. Pushing through the right side will bring you to an unused area of the game, complete with empty title card.

In level 4-5, when you fly up to get the teddy bear suit, notice that the screen has lots of space to shift over. Use the same ice trick to move all the way to the right of the screen. Once again, you’ll have access to an area that was never meant to be seen.

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Memory Address: A9C5
Value: CC

Changing the value of memory address AC95 to CC will let you select any wold you wish to play. Additionally, when you check your inventory, you’ll notice that you have every available power-up, including the mysterious anchor and several P-Wings. Pressing A on the menu select screen adds 5 additional lives to your pre-existing set of lives.

You’ll also get unlimited time. Although the counter will still tick backwards, once it reaches zero, you won’t die.

Pressing the select button will allow you to choose any power-up during the game. It starts at small, big, firepower, racoon, frog suit, tanooki and hammer bros. Holding A and pressing select at this same time will spawn Kuribo’s shoe. Although the shoe will look a bit glitchy, it will still work as expected.

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