Top 5 Wave-Based Survival Games

You slash ’em, you shoot ’em and you and your team battle against enemies in hopes of survival. Here are the top 5 wave-based survival games for Android.

Number 5 – Battlebox

Jump right into the action in this mutiplayer game. Battlebox’s selection of weapons, hilarious characters, and the use of vehicles such as cars, tanks and helicopters add a fun-factor that will make you pick up this game every day. The retro-style animations really make the game a worthy contender in the market.

Number 4 – Pixel Gun 3D

Battling people around the world, or your next door neighbor has never been more entertaining! Pixel Gun 3D supports up to 8 players in one game in the deathmatch mode, with built-in chat. I really liked the survival campaign mode, that puts you up against hordes of zombies. Pixel Gun has the much-copied Minecraft appearance, but pulls it off very well.

Number 3 – After Us

Beautifully animated and fluid graphics make this polygon-smasher a real hit. The Megaman Legends-inspired worlds are bright and colourful, yet darkened by the events that transpired. Controls are excellent for a touch-screen game and the selection of weapons, characters, and regularly updated maps make After Us a strong number 3.

Number 2 – Robots

Getting your name to the top of the leaderboard is the not the only goal in this first-person shooter. Robots have gone crazy and are taking over. Slowly. What makes Robots stand out from the crowd is that the main enemies are generally slow moving and predictable. Moving at a beautiful 60fps on even the lowest-spec android device make this game universally playable and just plain fun.

Honourable Mentions

Before revealing the number 1 entry, let’s take a look at a few honourable mentions:

Cops N Robbers

Bullet Force

Guns of Boom

Number 1 – Orc N Monsters: FPS Survival Shooter

Although a relatively new entry into the market, Orcs N Monsters really stands out as a unique contender. The vibrant worlds, combined with a host of weapons and unique gameplay that focuses on Orcs instead of the typical zombies. The big sandbox-style maps, practical power-ups, and constant updates make this game easily the Number 1 pick on this list.

Do you agree with this list? Is there a game that didn’t make the cut? Let us know in the comments.


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